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no matter what anyone tells me, its unavoidable that im going to eventually just waste away here consumed by my own guilt about all the shit that ive caused or done in my life.

like, that girl who i was trying to date that got me cursed, cause i pissed off her dad probably. i mean, she's not dead last time i checked, and neither is her family, but then again i havent been back since i got turned into a fucking horse.

but i mean, and i dont regret this at all, theres the fact of mitunas disappearance. its been five months since the last time we talked i think and he hasnt said anything to me. now he knows ill support him in any way he needs me to. even when he dyed his hair and got a new identity for like a week, i supported him and i was so proud of him, and i just miss him so much that im to the point of playing gay chicken with his best friend again. eugh. i thought we stopped that shit back in high school.

or like when it comes to eri and how i couldve stopped him, supported him more, protected him from hyde better. like i still think about what itd be like if we didnt have to figure out new ways to get him corporeal every few months, if he still had an actual heartbeat and blood pumping through his veins. but then i think about how he really is better off now that hes dead. that sounds wrong, and bad, but his life is way better now that hes got gamzee and everyone to keep him safe and happy. i wish we talked like we used to, because theres so much that hes done that i want to know about, but now that ive got the shop and its starting to do well i dont have the time to just sit down and listen to him like i want to.

but also to james crocker: im very sorry about that time in the river where i almost drowned you, if you want to come by and pet cro the horse again.

i should nickname my horse form.

Date: 14/9/15 08:34 pm (UTC)
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i really miss talkin to you too an to be honest i miss just sittin around with you an doin literal fuckall

you gotta stop beatin yourself up about me though
youre still here for me right i mean you always were an it was never your fault what i did if anythin you were the only light in my world an it was fantastic but still it wasnt like it woulda helped one way or another
i was trapped cro an i needed release an freedom an i have that now

all the rest a it fuckin sucks though ill give you that

i propose your horse form be named arpeggio


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