Jun. 13th, 2015 04:21 pm
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sometimes i forget how much me and my dad look alike. then i see a picture of him and i realise that im almost basically his clone. now all thats left for me is to get cursed by some old as dicks goddess to be an asshole to everyone i love.

how much shit am i in?

like he basically was the shittiest person alive when hyde was in control, so much so that eri, well, if youre reading this, you know.

am i like destined to become a horse version of my dads shit self?

Date: 13/6/15 09:51 pm (UTC)
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you absolutely aren't destined to be like me. you haven't been brought up in the same way, and although we are very similar in not just looks, you're a hundred miles away from where i was at your age.

remember, i was cursed at sixteen. this was some heavy shit that happened to me because i was foolhardy and had a huge fucking ego in regards to my abilities. i'd been in this profession of killing shit since i was fifteen, and it was a rookie mistake that carried throughout my life and destroyed the perfect beauty which were and still are my children.

you guys both need to know that neither of you are ever going to be like that fucking disgusting curse made me to be. and i made sure of it to alleviate you of all the negative affects of the curse put on you. so you will never, ever have to worry about that, cronus.

you are my son, and with your godfather as my witness, i will see to it that you are protected, blessed, and never to go down the road i went on.

that's the whole point of being a dad, isn't it? to make sure your kids' lives are better than yours ever was? so that's what i'm doing.

chin up, cronus.
you are going to be twice the man i ever was.


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