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 1. he's terrified of becoming just like deema, even though he's nothing like him besides appearances. he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink (not since he found out eri was still around, anyways), he tends to stay away from becoming a kelpie anymore, even though he knows that the killing part of the curse is lifted (though even he thinks that's not true.)

2. everything that deema has done in the past few months has affected him negatively. eri's suicide still fucks with him to this day, aradia's death makes him want to go on a rampage, and having to protect an innocent population of monsters from genocide when he himself is technically a "monster" honestly makes him want to commit patricide. he's not in a good place, mentally, right now.

3. this anger has been brewing under the surface for years now. even behind his calm, innocent facade and all the gifts from his father's "good" side he's had the ever-present urge to deck the guy in the jaw since he was a kid -- first, out of protection for himself, then for his little brother, and his sisters once he found out the serkets were his sisters.

4. when the inevitable happens, the inevitable here being deema's death, he truly just wants to break his jaw. and then he'll be quelled. everyone can go fucking crazy after he gets to break deema's jaw.

5. he's going to be sad when deema dies. it's inevitable. they had an almost good relationship until aradia died, and then erasmus kicked deema out and cronus stood behind his brother's decisions once again. it probably didn't affect deema that much, but for cronus, it was devastating. this entire time he was stuck in the middle of his brother and his father and taking a side after all this time was both a weight off his shoulders and the straw that broke the camel's back. there will probably be few tears shed, but another bout of depression. this will be the second family member he's lost. 

6. he honestly hopes deema doesn't stick around as a ghost. once the deed is done, he wants nothing to do with his father. someone else can arrange the funeral.

7. he hopes he doesn't put too much personal shit on cass. that would kill him, honestly. he just wants to have a normal relationship for once, one where his boyfriend doesn't assume a new identity and disappear for first a week and then months on end with no warning. he wants cass to be one of the good things in his life.

im gonna stop here
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Jun. 13th, 2015 04:21 pm
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 like i said, i have no idea what im doing and everyones (my brother and his boyfriend) are probably laughing at me fumbling around in whats basically the dark.

anyways, prison lesbians aka orange is the new black is a good show, i recommend it wholeheartedly.


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